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ABC of K9 Bed Bug Detection Inc

We believe that this complement is one another and provides our clients with the most elite service possible. Bed bug infestation has become a serious problem among public as well as private homes and facilities. New York and other urban regions are common locations foe bed bug infestations. The chances of picking up these nasty critters in metropolitan areas are greater because of the increased travel and concentrated foot traffic. There is constant movement and activity which hastens their spread. These parasitic insects expand their domain via laundry, furniture, clothing, luggage, pets, etc. The presence of bed bugs can cause health concerns as well asĀ  financial issues.

  • Assured Detection Of Single Bug As Well As Infestation
  • Will make your house indoor more hygienic and healthy
  • Remains of BED BUG After Treatment
  • Any area restriction for detection
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Michael Mei
Certified Master Dog Trainer and Certified Canine Behaviorist

Talents Behind Our Success

Mei was the first dog trainer to offer free dog training
lessons in Astoria park Queens. Michael Mei is the owner of

Training dogs profesionaly for the past 15 years, He has
trained numerous scent detection dogs. He has taken his love
for training scent detection dogs and with his partner
Awilda Clase opened
As seen on NY Queens person of the week


ABC of K9 Bed Bug Detection inc is a well diversified, vertically integrated K9 detection company.

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